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To produce fast and professional solutions for all organizations before and after treatment


Health Candy Travel

As Health Candy Travel, our foreign patients coming from more than 10 countries are privileged in Istanbul. We host them to receive service. Our privileged services that we offer to our patients, From the moment our patients and their accompanying relatives get off the plane and enter our country we are starting. Our patients and their relatives accompanying them after the welcome at the exit of the area They are placed by our professional team primarily to rest in their hotels. 1 day After the accommodation, we take our patients and their relatives from the hotel and introduce our patient to the doctor and we deliver it to the hospital to provide it.
Our patients and their relatives who are accepted and treated by the hospital and their relatives are and let them return to their country.

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Health Candy Travel Turkey plan as you can get from us the highest quality health care you most ideal and you will get the right services are forwarding to the health care provider.



Turkey arrival and transfer, treatment and post-treatment assistance services.
We are with you in all processes!



During our service, we shared the happiness of all our patients who chose us for health tourism.



You can ask our doctor assistants free of charge questions about aesthetics or hair transplantation.


1. What Are The Advantages Of Getting Service Through Health Candy Travel Compared To Your Direct Service?

There is no surprise billing. All doctors we work with have professional liability insurance. In case of excuse, you will receive a 100% refund. All our procedures are transparent. Besides your medical treatment, it also coordinates your social programs. All your services are managed from a single source without intermediaries. You will be notified of your treatment plan and pricing within 3-5 days at the latest after your application.

2.Health Tourism Economic Midi in Turkey?

Yes, definitely. Health-care services are 70-80% cheaper than in Europe and the USA.

3.Is The Reason To Get Health Tourism Service Abroad Only Cost?

No. There is no waiting period in Turkey. There are world-class, high-tech medical equipment. There are many specialist healthcare professionals in their fields. In your home country, you can access uninsured transactions easily and at affordable prices. Access to modern medical services requiring expertise, socio-cultural similarity and traditional tourism opportunities are other reasons.

4.Hospital Quality in Turkey, How are you?

Turkey was # 1 in the world with 52 JCI accredited hospitals in 10 hospitals have been accredited by TEMOS. Because physical condition and equipment standards in the world, with 53 countries of Turkey Ministry of Health, there are 87 cooperation agreements in the field of health.